New currency bill: The Peanut series

The Singapore Democrats received this amusing “report” on the NKF and Mrs Goh Chok Tong’s “peanut” remark. We share it here with our readers.

The Moneytree Authority of Singapore (MAS) launched a brand new

Singapore Dollar bill, which has been named the “Peanut Series”. Each

peanut series bill is legal tender equivalent to 600,000 Singapore

Dollars, henceforth known as 1 Peanut.

The CEOs across the Republic have been quick to applaud the launch

of the 1 Peanut bill. In an interview with a Mr. Durai, a CEO of a

philanthropic organisation, who wished to remain anonymous, he said, “Now I don’t have to carry suitcases of money home. Prior to the issuing of the peanut, I had to carry a whole suitcase of small change home every month. This is because the people who paid me tend to do so in small amounts, like $5 dollars each time, and it can be very irritating. Now I am just paid 1 Peanut with a single bill, slip it quickly into my wallet and off I go. It’s very convenient!”

The reaction by the general public was however cool. Most said that

it is unlikely that they will ever use a 1 Peanut bill. With a average

national income of S$3000 (0.005 Peanut), the average Singaporean will need about 2 lifetimes to save a Peanut. Said a Mr. Tan, who is a plumber, “The other day, I installed a golden tap in some CEO’s bathroom and he paid me using 1 Peanut for the $1000 golden tap. I tell him where got enough change?”

Watch out for the newest security features on the 1 Peanut note,

including a new watermark which replaces the traditional lion head. The

new watermark can only be seen under an intense bright light and close

scrutiny because of its extreme lack of transparency.

According to MAS spokesman, the added security features are

extremely important given that 1 Peanut can probably buy three 4-room HDB flats, or 10 Nissan Sunnies, “the average Singaporean will be very tempted to lay their hands on a Peanut.”

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