Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

During elections:

“SDP’s plan ’causes higher unemployment.'”
George Yeo in Straits Times, Oct 29, 2001

“Top task for PM – to save and create jobs. There is one thing on Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong’s mind these days : jobs, jobs, jobs.”
Straits Times, Oct 26, 2001

After elections:

Numbers for the first three months indicate that unemployment – now at a 15 year high – will get worse before it improves.”
Straits Times, May 1 2002

“Gone forever: 42,000 jobs in Singapore. Why: high costs here; the recession; business restructuring.”
Straits Times, June 17 2002

“The proportion of Singaporeans who are unemployed for at least 6 months is the worst in 10 years.”
Straits Times, Sept 15 2002

“Fewer jobs as gloom hits economy. 84,300 people could not find jobs last month.”
Straits Times, Nov 1 2002

“By year end, unemployment should rise to 5.5 per cent … a recent MOM survey says that three in 10 of the jobless are sole breadwinners which means more than 30,000 families could be living off retrenchment benefits, savings and any odd jobs they can snag.”
Straits Times, Nov 23, 2002

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