Helping the Democrats

Dear Dr Chee,

I’ve been greatly encouraged by the recent activities you and your fellow members have demonstrated in the view of the current state our nation is in right now, my email will not be the only one that will continue to bolster the support for the SDP’s cause in a more democratic Singapore.

I’m writing in to suggest that your website has a great amount of content with regards to articles and what not, but however lack the needed visuals that can at times in my experience can engage the viewer even more. I’m a photographer as well as a full-time student fully engaged in this field for about 5 years now and I would like to offer my services when needed in photographing activities organised by you or your supporters. I would like to be kept in the loop in what’s happening. I do not work for any local or international press and am totally independent.

I would like to for you the visuals that will document the much needed evidence of the spirited fight you and your supporters are putting up.


SDP: Dear WS,

If you think the website lack photographs, you should have seen the one before! We are always grateful that there are Singaporeans like you who are willing to step up and contribute to the democratic cause. We hope there will be others who will roll up their sleeves and start working to building democracy in our country – brick by brick, wall by wall if necessary.

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