What’s next on RadioSDP?


Firstly, well done in setting up the RadioSDP. It definitely is a step to further progress. Would like to know how often would it be updated? How would I get to listen to the latest news and such? Seems that there is only an MP3 file to download so far. Thanks for reading.

Go for it SDP. Singapore needs true democracy.


SDP: Dear Ang K H,

Thank you for support. There will be some interesting programmes coming your way on RadioSDP. The next programme will feature an interview with Mr Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan from Nonviolence International. He will be talking about his work on nonviolent action, the use of nonviolence to bring about change in Singapore, and his deportation at Changi Airport. It promises to be a great programme. So watch out for it sometime this week!

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