Sunday afternoon with the police

Jacob George
27 Sep 05

While lazing on my sofa today, on a hot Sunday afternoon, I received another call from the police. ASP Chan called my mobile at about 2.25pm to ask if I’ll be able to meet him for the interview today. We met at my neighbourhood police post at about 4.15pm. The interview began 5mins later.

When I entered the police post, he asked for my IC (identity card). He presented my IC along with his warrant card, to the police officer at the police post, for record purposes. Afterwhich we proceeded to sit down at a glass table for the interview. I had my pen & paper and the ASP had his form to record down the interview (a police statement I was told).

He started by asking a bit of my background: Confirming my home address; whether I’m employed/unemployed; who do I live with, etc. I then asked him, this time face to face, how he had gotten my mobile number. He said the same thing as before, “through investigations”. I asked him if he could explain further but he just said something to the effect of no and “through investigations”.

He went on to ask me about my involvement with the Think Centre. He had read about it in my blog. (I guess he was talking about my profile)

The questions began after this:

Am I the subscriber of my mobile number and who was the service provider? How long have I been using this line? Has the phone been held by anybody else or just me?

Do I know Martyn See? How do I know him? When did you last see him? Do I know his line of work? Do I know his mobile number? Do I know his blog’s URL?

Do I own a blog? What is it called and what’s the URL? When did I start my blog?

Have I watched Singapore Rebel? How did I watch it? Did I download it? Where did I download it from? To my personal PC? Did I save it?

Where did I hear about the documentary? Was I involved in it’s making? Do I know the narrator of the documentary?

And finally, if I have any friends by the name of Peter or Terry?

And that was it. I checked what he had recorded in the police statement, signed it and the interview was over at 4.50pm. When we were about to part, he casually asked if I was still in contact with Martyn and what we normally talked about.

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