Singaporeans are fed up with PAP

Dear Dr Chee,

First of all let me salute you. Thank you for giving hope to Singapore and thank you again for what you will be doing for us. I have a lot to say, but I think I don’t need to put everything into words for I believe we share the same view.

I’m sorry I can’t contribute to your party because I, like thousands of others, have taken the easy way out and left Singapore. I know that there is this very ridiculous law that when a Singaporean left Singapore continuously for more than 10 years, his citizenship will be cancelled automatically. Which country in this world will do this to her own people??? One of my uncles who’s in Toronto, got his citizenship taken away before he got his green card. Now he is stranded without a passport in Canada. But one thing is for sure he is living happily.

I intend to do the same, unless of course if the PAP collapses and Singapore can change to a truly democratic country. Then I shall return to work and serve even for much lower salary. Money is not that important. What really matters is to be able to live with dignity and without fear.

From my point of view, if the PAP dares to have a fair election and let people join the opposition party without using despicable ways to attack the candidates, the PAP will lose immediately. I have no doubt about that. I have not cast a single vote before in my whole life due to this situation of walkovers. It’s a shame. I think it’s time all the oppositions put their differences away and group together to contest ALL the seats.

I know most Singaporeans are very fed up with PAP and we are waiting for that very day. I’m sure you have a vision for us and I appeal to all members of SDP and all Singaporeans to support you.

Lastly, I have a nine-year old daughter and she is on the path to become a violinist one day. Sadly though, she will renounce her Singaporean  citizenship too. Just like violinist Vanessa Mae…I wish you all the best!


SDP: Dear T Chow,

Is any way that we can persuade you to change your mind about leaving Singapore? If all the sons and daughters of our nation leave who will remain behind to fight the fight?

Things are not that bleak. There is much that we can do. First we must believe. We must know history. Then we must strategise. Then we must have courage to execute our strategy

We will succeed. This is not false bravado. It is a certainty of history. Don’t leave. Come join us.

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