Don’t give up, SDP

Dear SDP,

First of all, I am truly touched by Dr Chee’s and SDP’s courage to stand up to the impossible. You guys work in an environment hostile and totally unfair to your cause. Yet, over the years, you have not wavered one bit in your cause and I hope it stays that way. Endure, there are more and more people beginning to see the truth and I am just one of those many.

Like many others who have sent you emails, I’ve grown tired and utterly sick of the way we are being treated and governed as citizens of Singapore. Just to cite a few recent incidents such as Martyn’s  “political” video, the way the “protest” outside the CPF building was handled, the daily bread and butter issues such as compulsory CPF contributions (I can’t even say no), the ERP scheme (do you really think it helps ease congestions?) and the list goes on. All these have made me very disappointed, disheartened and totally disgruntled in the current leadership.

True, our current leadership has gotten us this far, with basic necessities well taken care of: food, shelter, safety and for that we have got to credit them for it. But sad to say, I feel we Singaporeans are becoming more and more like chickens in a chicken farm, waiting to be exploited for our eggs. (Chickens have basic necessities too don’t they?)

Yet, I am a true blue Singaporean, and this is my home for the past 24 years. Even though ideas of migrating overseas have crossed my mind, I yearn for the day when we can truly call this place our home where we can breathe easier and live happier, knowing that we are being governed and led by leaders who we truly want them to be at the helm and that our interests, the interests of the people is well taken care of.

The SDP have come this far. Do not give up. Be true to your goals, and be true to every Singaporean out there who believes in you all.


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