Morally flawless servant

Kiss Dani
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10 Oct 05

Sample Story: The Morally Flawless Servant
Sample Analysis: The Morally Flawless Government (see story below)

The servant’s master entrusts him with the key to the safe.

Knowing only he holds the key, the servant borrows money from the safe freely, a little at a time. He then lends the money to his friends and charges an interest. When his friends return the money, the servant puts the capital back in the safe and keeps the interests. The safe is balanced, and all is well.

One day, a friend who had borrowed a huge sum of money dies and leaves the servant desperate. He worries if he should ever have to open the safe for his master, he would be found out and turned over to the police. He had to device a clever plan, and fast.

He goes to his master and insists the house gets renovated, saying there are rats under the floors, water leaks often, etc. The master is convinced and leaves everything to the servant.

The servant suggests the master go on a holiday while the house is renovated. He also asks his master to trust him further by allowing him to open the safe at his own will when the master is away, citing the contractors need to be paid on daily basis. The master reluctantly agrees.

The servant’s plan was under way. He inflated the renovation bills by more than seventy percent to make up for the shortage in the safe.

Through clever manipulation, the servant has tricked his master into paying for the losses himself.

The following analysis is unproven. It is one man’s thought provoking observation and opinion, nothing more. Believe at your own peril.

The Government portrays itself as a humble, trustworthy and honest servant with perfect track records. For, to be lacking in any one would undermined its credibility, thus, tarnishing its reputation forever. With a perfection philosophy, it is understandably afraid of any flaws, thus will cover them however possible.

For years government owned, or linked, corporations have made bad management and investment decisions, and have lost a great amount of the country’s reserves. But they must never be seen as failures, so government funds are ever ready to bail them out of trouble before too long.

With help always round the corner, these corporations can become complacent, and we do see the trait at times.

Up until recently, the government has been dipping into the country’s reserves and retirement funds ILLEGALLY to maintain the under-performing corporations.

Realising, it is only a matter of time when someone with balls enough stands up and demands to count the reserves, the government legislates a new law allowing it to legally tap into the reserves for whatever reason it deems fit. – (The ACT which was illegal is conveniently made legal to exonerate the government should we learn the safe has been opened.) Of course, now they can say, “But it’s legal, what!”

It is well noticed, in the past few years charities have been very active and aggressive, unnecessary housing estate renovations are carried out, inflated amount spent on National Day celebrations, crazy amount of money spent on renaming places of interests, increase in transport fares, increases in GST, and so on.

Also, let’s entertain the idea of our retirement fund being so depleted that there won’t be enough to refund the next batch of retirees. Instead of admitting there is no money in the retirement fund, the government has risen retirement age, buying itself time to recover the losses.

Of course, Stupid us, WE will be paying to replenish the lost billions, ourselves. When it is all recovered, the government will open the doors and gladly show us the reserves in question – safe and sound, all along.

Someone somewhere should insist on counting our reserves right now, before the cover up is complete.

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