Unemployed for seven months

Dear Sir,

I have been jobless since 1st Feb 2005 (about 7 months). I am a tertiary educated citizen. I have sent out hundreds of resumes, gone for scores of interviews, and yet, I’m still unemployed. I am 50 years old. That must be one of the key reasons of my miserable state and condition. What is the WDA doing? Setting out more committees to study the problem? I am starving to death…slowly…even though I am a fit and able-bodied person who is not choosy about jobs.

Things on the ground don’t look as good or as sweet as what the ministers proclaim. That “Singapore’s economy rises stronger-than-expected growth of 5.2% in Q2”, “Manpower Minister says strong employment growth in Q2”, etc.

The reality of the situation is that there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed Singaporeans at this present time.


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