Unite behind PAP for a secure future and a better life? Yeah right…

During elections:

“A people united – Secure Future, Better Life.”

PAP election manifesto

“Vote for my PAP team. a people united behind a good government is your best guarantee of a secure future and a better life.”

PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Oct 28, 2001

After elections:

“Bankruptcy cases at 17 year high.”

Straits Times, Jan 8, 2003

“Family violence on the rise, and counselors attribute it to the stress of job losses due to the economic downturn.”

Straits Times, Jan 28, 2002

“During the Asian Financial Crisis, 27,000 jobs were lost. That year the number of marital splits jumped by 16 per cent to 5,651. Last year a record number of 5,825 marriages ended in divorces and annulments – up sharply from 2,111 cases in 1982.”

Straits Times, Jun 8, 2003

“Hit by slowdown, young working adults are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts. More are calling SOS hotline for help…there were 361 suicides last year, nearly 17% more than 1999.”

Straits Times, June 15, 2003

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