Life is hard under arrogant PAP

Dear Dr Chee,

I would like to extend my appreciation to the work that you so diligently do for Singapore and especially for Singaporeans.

It seems, at least from where I see, that many Singaporeans are blind followers and supporters of the present government and its’ policies. I am in my fifties now and do not have a job. Forced by difficulties, I turn to the CDC and depend on some small monthly assistance of $150. This would be for no more than two months.

If I am still unemployed by then, I have to re-apply for this assistance and await approval. The process of seeking their help can be quite embarrassing and if you get an insensitive officer, it can add to the pain.

I also see that when I reach age 55, I would have very little to take out for myself. All the hard work over the years, the dedication of long hours (so typical here), having to sacrifice your rest days on many an occasion, being literally at the mercy of employers (dancing to their whims and fancies) and, to add to that, having a government who looks at money first all the time. The people are the least of the government’s concerns. All this adds to the emotional, mental and physical health of the people.

I think the Health Ministry is profiting at the expense of hardworking Singaporeans. In fact, almost all the institutions are profiting from the toils of laboring and hardworking Singaporeans.

What do I get at the end of my road of life? I cannot even draw from my savings from the CPF to do as I will.

Being in power for such a long time has made the PAP arrogant as ever. Singaporeans are to blame for being so blind to be led without much using their brains to see where all this would lead us to. I am talking about the lot of Singaporeans who have supported, and are continuing to support, the present government

We are all in for a great shock, when the books are opened and find that the hard earned savings of Singaporeans have been squandered away.


SDP: Dear Vincent P,

We hear your cries and understand your hardship. But please remember that you are not helpless. There is much that you can do as a citizen to change your plight and that of countless others in Singapore. What you need to do is to contact the SDP and work towards empowering Singaporeans so that the Government will become more sensitive and accountable to the people.

We look forward to hearing from you. Many have rightly complained about the “foreign talent” policy of Singapore. This policy of indiscriminately permitting foreigners to enter Singapore in large numbers is clearly hurting local Singaporeans born and bred in Singapore. All countries in the world give more rights to their citizens over foreigners. Only in Singapore is there this odd situation where the foreigner in fact is treated better than the Singaporean.