Use podcast for elections

Dr Chee,

Congrats to you and your fellow democrats.

I heard your 04 Aug 05 CSJ’s National Day podcast in English and it is superb. I suggest that you guys use this medium – the podcast at the next election instead of holding rallies. Since most homes in Singapore are equip with at least one computer it will reach out to more people and thus be more effective. Friends can gather at the homes of those that do not have a computer and listen to the candidates.

I had attended many of the political rallies in the past and found that most of the attendees are the same “converted” and “groupies” that attend all opposition rallies and the impression given to the candidates are that they will do well only to find out later that the results showed otherwise.

With the podcast you will be able to reach out to wider audiences and I am sure the results will be to your advantage. Just pray that the PAP will not ban it!

All the very best and good luck.