Execution is heinous

His Excellency S R Nathan

President of the Republic of Singapore

Orchard Road Singapore 238823

November 3, 2005

Your Excellency,

Smuggling 396.2 grams of heroin is a terrible crime; but premeditated

execution is heinous.

Capital punishment is a deplorable act; it is a cruel and unusual

discipline shackled to history’s barbarous past. A death sentence

eliminates retribution; it severs the establishment of moral conscience

and mercilessly smothers all ethical instincts. Execution is a crime

that cannot be undone, and murder is an unjustly permanent measure when

weighed against fleeting transgressions.

Hanging Van Tuong Nguyen demonstrates to the world that Singapore’s

judicial system has principles set no higher than those of criminals

themselves. To sell a man’s life for an evil that will be forgotten

faster than death oft takes its toll is beyond comprehension. Worse

still, it lifts the offender to the moral equality of societal norms.

Repaying stupidity, ignorance, and lack of forethought with termination

can only be considered uncaring, unenlightened, and underdeveloped. Any

government with the insolence to wield such a law shall be shrouded in

those very traits. Disciplinary alternatives are available that meet the

needs of society (which the State is supposed to represent), while being

a fair reproach for the felony.

Where iron rules are forged, iron fists and iron curtains have both been

known to rise. Leaders like Lenin, Mao, and Hitler lacked the mercy that

separates humans from hellions. Abolish capital punishment in your

country. Van Tuong Nguyen must certainly realise the seriousness of his

mistake; make him pay, but not with his life. Grant him clemency; and in

so doing, show the world Singapore’s capacity for compassion.



Victoria, Australia

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