Hanging Nguyen is barbaric

Dear Dr. Chee,

I was not aware that Singapore had an effective opposition until I heard about your party.

Singapore is in the news in Canada these days, primarily due to the impending execution of Nguyen Tuong Van. A lot has been written about this sad case of a misguided young man, and the totally inhuman attitude of the PAP and their hanging judges.

420 executions in 13 years!! In a country of 4 million! That’s a higher execution rate than England during the barbaric Dark Age, or Saudi Arabia’s sharia beheadings, or during China’s “Iron Fist” anti-crime project!

The drug rings do not care about their couriers getting executed. What they really care about, is the millions of dollars of drugs getting seized by the government. The Singapore government has already seized the drugs from Nguyen, and he has cooperated in providing information to the police. By hanging him, they are not affecting the drug gang by the slightest. There will always be gullible and poor young men and women who can be paid to take the risk.

Murugesu: he was hanged for a crime that would be punished by 5 – 10 years jail time in Canada. Barbaric!!

I am not Australian, but I will BOYCOTT SINGAPORE ECONOMICALLY, as some of my social circle have already discussed doing. We will informally spread the word that it is dangerous to travel to Singapore on tourism or business, and we will also identify and boycott Singaporean products sold in Canada. The next step will be to identify Tier 2 made-in-Singapore components, such as electronics which contain DRAM chips made by Micron Singapore,or components made by Texas Instruments Singapore. This boycott will be accompanied by letters to the affected companies as to why we choose not to give them our business.

The only way to hurt the PAP right now is through economic means, and me and like-minded individuals will do our best in this regard. I hope there are many such groups, in sufficient numbers to make even the stubborn PAP see the light of civilization.

Dr. Chee, I have nothing against Singapore and Singaporeans, but I am shocked by the barbarity of a so-called democratically elected government.

I hope the SDP wins more seats in the next election, and usher in a bright new day for your country, without the oppressive control of the PAP.

Yours sincerely,


Toronto, Canada

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