Why does PAP fear Singaporeans speaking out?

It is really brave that an organisation like the SDP is doing the thing of stating a fact. Singaporeans can elect to continue on being the ostrich by digging their heads in the sand and persist to ignore the facts. Or else they should wake up and do something with their votes. Do Singaporeans want to complain behind PAP and still cast the election voting rights to them? If yes, what is the point of complaining whereby action and speech is not in line.

I agree that we are overpaying the ministers as the help they can render to the citizens is limited. In the business world if the goods delivered don’t serve their value we are overpaying. This is true in the case of the ministers. Democracy is something that shouldn’t be restrained. There is a Chinese saying ‘Real gold doesn’t not fear fire’. If there is no fact, why should PAP restrain Singaporeans from speaking out? Think about this dear Singaporeans.


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