Hanging Nguyen will be on your conscience, Mr Lee

Dear Hi to all at SDP,

Tonight I saw your MP speak on Lateline ABC Melbourne. Well done for your effort and battle.

I admire your guts.

I am a long time member of Greens Victoria and even though you have Govt run media we here in Australia have Right wing Liberal Party, Right wing industry owned media. Nothing good about the Greens ever gets printed but quite the reverse.

Last federal elections the Media under advice from Howard’s party slammed the greens policy on drugs saying we supported legal drugs for everyone etc etc. All complete lies but it stopped us gaining balance of power in the senate. We here in Australia get kicked in the guts by media and major parties.

Back to the point well done for the interview tonight on lateline and thanks so much for your effort to stop the execution of Nguyen.


Victoria, Australia

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