Pay retrenchment entitlements

Dear Singapore Democrat,

I am a 15-year old Singaporean teenager living in the Seng Kang district (Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC).

After reading the section on “Pay retrenchment entitlements” (, I wonder if it is
a practical approach to pay retrenched workers financial aids for one and a
half year at all.

Would this not thus mean that the taxpayers would have to pay more in taxes
to fill up the National Treasury if they were to support our fellow citizens while the latter were retrenched? Even if we were to support just half of their salaries for just a few months would be tough. We simply have too many responsibilities to carry – plus the added taxes, we would be worst off. It is even more unfair if we were to support the very high-paying executives whose monthly salary might just be what most taxpayers earn in a whole year. Where will all this money come from, then?

I hope to receive your reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

For Free Speech,

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