Hang Nguyen and keep his brother

Dear Dr Chee and member Democrats,

As your typical Aussie and like my fellow Aussies wish that this Nguyen drug smuggler be hung, shot, electrocuted!

His brother is a drug dealer (fact) and he new the rules when he decided to smuggle in the drugs! Very few Aussies support this type of low life filth and the sooner we hang him the better ! letting him live will send out the wrong message to future drug carriers! 98% of my fellow Australians say hang him!

2% are those left wing tree hugging sniveling snotty nosed unemployed 1960s hippy types who want to live in utopia and that life is perfect and that the government owes them a favour!

So tell Dr Chee we don’t want him/ his drugs. And while his brother is visiting keep him there also. They are both drug dealing low life filth.


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