Spare Nguyen’s life

To the Singapore Democratic Party,

With reference to the Van Ngyuen case. I am shocked to hear Singapore’s record on capital punishment.

Is it true that there have only been 6 stays of execution since the establishment of Singapore as an independent nation? That is truly astounding !!

My opinion of the Singapore Government has changed markedly since I learnt that fact.

I have visited Singapore a few times as a tourist, traveling on Singapore Airlines. The people of Singapore are friendly and wonderful. The city is very modern, a real jewel.

In my estimation the government is very harsh, and is taking the Singaporean nation back a long way.

There is little doubt that Van Nguyen is guilty, but that isn’t my point here. He has been co-operative, helpful to the courts, and obviously regrets smuggling a relatively small amount of drugs.

It is my hope that Singapore does not go ahead with his execution. To do so would be to the enduring shame of The President of Singapore, and The government. The people of Singapore deserve better.

The world would also be interested to know when Singapore Government plans to enter the modern world. I suspect that behind all the modern facade, Singapore is underdeveloped with regard to benevolence, and human rights.

First world nations have a much more sophisticated process of judgment and sentence. Texas, the most active state in the US for executions, has also had approximately 100 stays since 1974.

Yours with hope, and peace.


Victoria, Australia