Stop PAP-bashing

Dear Mr Chee,

Im a student in a local junior college and am very much open to political progression in society, here are my views on the SDP.From your website alone, much of your content is devoted to PAP bashing, personally, this does not work to convince me to support the SDP, for every crtisism you provide, i can produce 3 compliments. Its difficult for me to understand where you’re coming form when here i am provided with one of the best educations in the world, a great community life etc. How do i know this? Besides having travelled, i have many relatives and friends who have studied abroad and return on their own will, home.

Whether you admit it or not, i dare say that the PAP had a part, however small, in the provision o both examples. My question for you is, what has the SDP done for Singapore and Singaporeans for us to want to support you? Im talking tangible advancements to our society.I very much feel freedom in doctrine and reality are different, not to say that they are mutually exclusive. What i mean is, we can have a liberal, free society at the expense of teens becoming addicts or there being repent violence on the streets or can have draconian (if i may call it that) laws preventing these. 

From 10 years old, i took the bus home and my parents never needed to worry. In nearly all other supposedly developed societies, indeed more so than ours, such is not the case.Frankly, Singaporeans are not supportive of the SDP, infact the general consensus is contrary. With the right leader to a opposition, i would surely support. However, to say that i would be worried if the SDP, with all its previous abominable actions, is an understatement.

If you want my support, and in that i mean along with more Singaporeans, i say start from the ground up. Instead of holding political workshops or allying with international human rights organisations whom you already have the support of, maybe you should consider problems in society and how you can help to better the lives of Singaporeans, so that you my win our support, and not that of the Austrilian press.Increasingly for many your comments to the overseas press has not only not been helpful but serve to make us even more resenting of the SDP and Dr Chee in particular.

With all due respect, this is what i gather from those school-mates, friends and family. We are all educated and travelled, we know life in other countries, and Singapore doesnt fair too badly against them. Not because we are self-centered or selfish, but because we sincerely feel the PAP has the best intrest of the majority of the population in mind.Im am open to your response, this message contains nothing personal but is my frank sentiment towards the SDP.

You may choose to think i am more malliable than other Singaporeans and so i await a reply.


Dear Daryl, Judging from your letter, the “best educations in the world” that you claim that you have received and continue to receive may be a trifle exaggerated. Obviously you have been very sheltered in your political outlook. You need to read a little more widely. The letters from your fellow citizens in this section might be a good start.

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