GRC system may not be bad

Dear SDP,

I am a concerned Singaporean supportive of a political balance in Singapore. I note that you detest the GRC system – and I urge restraint in this matter because the GRC system does have some logic in ensuring minority representation. Sometimes it is better not to upset supporters of the ruling party since 100% opposition to current practises isn’t a good idea as change should be sustained and gradual.

This way, supporters of PAP will see that SDP leaders are friendly and understanding of PAP logic where applicable and over time, some PAP people will support SDP where appropriate. Politics shouldn’t be a win/ lose battle but a fight for the welfare of Singaporeans and inhabitants of this world in general.

I thus feel that the immediate concerns with respect to election fairness should be:

1. Allowing a decent campaign time and enforce the early announcement of boundaries by at least 2 months before the elections where boundaries are changed by more then 70% population.

2. Devise a mix of 4-men GRCs and SSCs. 6-memb GRC are a mockery of democracy. I have posted this to Google for public interest.


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