Is Singapore really that safe?

Dear Singaporeans and SDP, The forthcoming stimulated terrorist attack on our MRT station and other selected locations arouse a feeling in me that the island I live is no longer a safe place.

With posters at bus terminals, etc announcing the drill, and the influx of foreigners, I am even more jittery that the attack may be coming soon coming.

We are bracing for the terror to happen, many innocent lives will pay a high price when the real attack comes.

I ask myself what I have done wrong because I believe only a bad effect will follow in a wake of a bad cause. My family and I will become collateral damage if we got hit.

Just like the intimidating pandemic flu. I read about 1,000 to 8,000 residents will die of the plague in the first wave. So we wait for the first wave hit us hard?

 There must be better ways and serious choices to make to save lives, and not just based on popularity.


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