Is Singapore-Burma druglord connection true?

Dear Dr Chee,

I happened to stumbled upon your party website as I was going through the different opposition parties in Singapore. As you know, GE is coming and I’m interested to find out and compare between the oppositions and the ruling party.

I refer to your letter regarding GIC investment with Burmese druglords dated on 24 Nov 05 in your website. I was actually quite shocked to read that you actually said that our government has dealings with druglord. I have a few questions regarding that article.

 One, how can you verify your facts that our government investment with Burmese druglord is worth 1.5 billions?

Two, where on earth did you get the idea that our country deals with druglord by the name of Lo Hsing Han?

Other comments: I went through most of your party website and I must say it was quite impressive compared to other opposition parties’ websites. I agree with many of the points you state in the website regarding PAP administration.

However, since the new PM took over, there had been significant changes and now, PAP is more embracing and willing listen to citizens. I personally think it would be quite difficult for your party to make any significant impact for the next GE.

What you say must be backed up with concrete facts and figures, and not from mere hearsay. It is important as you need to convince ordinary people like me. In addition, whatever issues your party brings up must be able to with stand scrutiny. I’ve observed that your party brought up several bread and butter issues regarding minimum wages and retrenchment benefits and etc in the last GE.

 However, you must also think of the consequences it is going to bring to the economy and how the ruling party going to counter your arguments. You may have already thought of what I’ve just said. However, these are just my sincere feedbacks.

Please pardon me if my mail sounds a bit harsh, especially on the questioning of your article. Well, I have no intention of that. Right now, there are just no quality opposition members in our political scene, and the best option is PAP.

What is worse is there could be no contest in many part of Singapore due to the lack of oppositions. I sincerely hope you do well in the next GE and bring in some quality oppositions into the parliament. AND, please kindly amend your website stating the SDP is the only opposition with youth wing. The WP and SPP also have youth wing now.


SDP: Dear Derick,

On the Burmese druglords issue, please read these articles: and Singapore’s Blood Money is the print version of the documentary Singapore Sling that was produced and aired in Australia by the Special Broadcasting Services in 1996.

As for the new PM being more open, please see LHL Watch on this website. There is a difference with what is being said and what is being done.

If you have any questions about the veracity of any article in our website, please email it to us and we will be happy to give you the source.

One minimum wage, please see
Minimum wage: What it is and why it’s important

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