Is Singapore governed well?

Dear SDP,

Is Singapore governed well? No! My observations:

One, autocratic government

NKF governance is a mirror image of the Singapore government: Poor governance and obvious bullying without checks/balance. Ten cents per dollar going to the needy – no one would never have known if not for the except for the revelation…


Reason: PAP’s mistake in governance- a democracy with NO RESPECT for electoral freedom. 6-member GRC and Gerrymandering – well PAP has through their selfish political agenda turned elections into walkovers – ego trips of high stakes and high gains favoring the elite.

Is a campaign period of 8 days after the sudden disclosure of election boundaries healthy for Singapore’s democracy? No! So much for a sense of belonging to this country. I feel no sense of belonging to SG this way – not even sure of my constituency, how to have allegiance to a country? (

Two, poor birthrate

2005: Singapore women bear 1.05 children per lifetime – this is 3rd last out of 226 countries. ( This means that Singaporeans are not procreating – a worrying trend because this means that either Singapore imports citizens…or else the Singaporean will soon be extinct with the population REDUCED BY HALF EVERY GENERATION! Who then will pay the taxes?

Stress, worries about hunger/poverty plague every parent-to-be. Who will pay if my child is abnormal/cannot study? Is abortion a solution? A high number of abortions/divorces only points to a society that is mentally unwell and morally decadent…

Three, unfair remuneration

Singapore Prime Minister US$1,100,000 (S$1,958,000) But Singaporeans remain poor:

Households with monthly incomes of less than $3,000 was 40 percent in 1998 but increased to 42 percent in 1999.

If assumed that the median income per person could be $3k, then Sinagpore PM earns 54x what the average family might earn in one year.

Property is overvalued:

The greedy PAP government sold property at high prices to Singaporeans. And what about the high cost of living? No wonder Singaporeans are indebted to the government. “In 2004 37,823 households could not afford to buy their own flats or rent homes in the open market. ”

The fact that estate duty is tax exempt S$9M but other assets are exempt up to $600K is indeed lop-sided – a cover up for HDB’s over-pricing of HDB flats to Singaporeans. (

 Five, poverty in Singapore CHERRY