Need to address fear factor


I have just visited your website and read through some of the letters & articles of the activities of what the SDP is doing in Singapore.

Here are my comments & input:

Democratization will happen one day in Singapore as what Dr Chee mentioned the interview in Taiwan. I strongly believe it. It is not a matter of happening or NOT but it is how FAST it happen will.

I thoroughly admire your spirit. In order to make you ineligible for the coming GE you were made bankrupt. (Like Jeyaretnam & Mr Tang Liang Hong) you are still dedicated from the interview speech.

Five years of putting you ineligible means you will be miss for the next GE. (Am I right?) Don’t lose heart because to me this is the best time for SDP to sit down and strategise and prepare the next generation. We know that Singaporean are living in fear. We need to address this root problem first. Second, you should target the age group of 18 -20 and those 30 and above. These two groups must understand 100% the purpose and mission of SDP. But why these two groups?

18-20. A few Junior College students visiting your website will be the next generation of voters. They will decide whom to vote for by the articles you post on the web. Prepare this group for the 2010 GE.

30 above. This group knows very well how our country is governed. These are people who know they are living under oppression. We need to ease away their fears and give them fresh air to breath.

21- 29. Don’t put too much hope on this group because they have not seen the real world yet.


Pump in all you can to win the hearts and minds of the above two groups I mentioned. I feel SDP should adopt the “Termites” theory. The big house will collapse without knowing why and how. Let’s start building termites They are the next generation.


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