Judiciary is independent: Law Society

Mr Philip Jeyaretnam’s letter to Dr Chee Soon Juan

7 March 2006

Dear Dr Chee,

You have written directly to me by letter dated 6 March 2006 requesting a reply. Your letter concerns your allegations that the judiciary in Singapore is not independent. You ask that the Law Society weighs in.

The Law Society is duty-bound to uphold the rule of law. This means that we would condemn incursions on judicial independence. It also means that we condemn unfounded allegations against the judiciary, whether as a whole or as individuals. Such allegations are not only serious but deeply detrimental to the rule of law. For this reason, the doctrine of contempt of court exists.

The Law Society rejects the allegations that you have made concerning the independence of the judiciary. Our members’ daily experience in the Courts assures us of the independence of the judiciary, its probity and integrity.

As your letter to me was released to the press, so is my reply.

Your sincerely,

Philip Jeyaretnam SC

The Law Society of Singapore

Dr Chee’s reply

8 March 2006

Mr Philip Jeyaretnam, SC
Law Society
39 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058673

Dear Sir,

It is with much sadness that I read your reply although I cannot say that I am entirely surprised by it.

Nevertheless, I thank you for making your position clear. At least, Singaporeans now know which side of the fence the Law Society stands on this subject.


Chee Soon Juan


Singapore Democratic Party

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