Thank you from behind the bars

During his family visit at the Queenstown Remand Prison on 18 Mar 2006, Dr Chee Soon Juan has asked Mrs Chee to convey this message to you:

“Dear friends,

I am doing fine. My spirits are up and I have you to thank for this. There are many individuals and organizations whom I would like to send my personal thanks but am unable to do so from here and through this very brief visit.

The Amnesty International, the ICJ, Human Rights First, SEAPPA are among the many organizations that have lent their invaluable help.

I am grateful to the diplomatic community in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US for all that they have done. It is precisely due to the involvement of and attention from the international community that has deterred the Singapore government from wielding its usual unbridled power.

The Singapore authorities are keenly aware that the world is watching them and that it is due to this that they cannot continue to use such oppressive and unjust measures to silence democracy advocates and dissenting voices.

I also thank friends and supporters from Singapore and beyond. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, well-wishes and tireless efforts.”

Chee Soon Juan

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