Chee’s efforts will be recognised one day

Dear Dr Chee,

I am sad to see you and family had suffered so much for freedom of speech to be made in Singapore.

Yesterday, the high court had sentenced you to one day jail and a fine of S$6000.00 for contempt of court. I will give you moral support. I follow your websites very closely and certainly tell all my friends to read your SDP websites.

One fine day, all your effort will be recognised and history will tell itself.

I would like to share with you that Singapore are powered by 3 very unproductive old men which earned total more than S$10 Millions a year. Singapore is a IT world. How much and what ideas could these 3 old men able to perform their duty? I in doubt and would like to hear your views!

Nowadays, many of the MNCs already retrenched workers whom are above 50 years old or either cut their salary, yet PAP government employed 3 very rich old men to do a simple and light job.

Certainly when age reaches above 70, I strongly believed human brain or mentality is slowdown. Why paid $10 millions?


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