Good product needs good packaging

Hi, Speak-up,

I admire the courage of Dr Chee to speak up and act against the establishment but sadly this is not enough to change things. In fact it is sad that Dr Chee has taken his stance to attach the judiciary directly. What has he hope to achieve? Whatever it is, it is not working. He has to rethink his strategy if he wants results. Yeah, this takes time. Like they say, Rome is not built in a day. And trying to get the law society involved? What’s he thinking? I thought he is smarter than that.

The media here is controlled. Everybody knows that. And the audience is here not overseas. Well, it does not take a genius to figure out that money talks. That’s why Mr Pay makes it so hard for you guys to raise funds. Without funds, needless to say, whatever you do is all half bake. So maybe you should try to figure out ways to raise funds first. Hey maybe you should hire Mr Durai for a start. Just don’t publicise that.

My point is: You may have a good product, but until you know how to package and market it, it’ll never take off. Many a time a good product is not enough. just ask Mr Creative Sim. Good Luck.


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