Pray for Dr Chee

Dear Franchised Singaporeans,

Though I may not able to help Dr Chee. My heart goes out to him all the way.

I have heard what he is trying to tell us, I know the day will come when we will taste the most bitter medicine under the current PAP establishment.

Dr Chee has sweat blood for us, he has cried for us and most of all, he goes behind the bars for us at the expense of his family.

My eyes brimmed with tears when I saw his three children huddled together cheerfully without knowing their loving dad was in dire straits. God knows.

Empires rise and fall however mighty they are. Some fall with dignity and many fall in disgrace.

When the time comes for the authoritarian regime to collapse, its supporters, its cronies, its voters and their families are also answerable to those voters who say “NO”.

The day when the election day comes, those who want to have one-party nation must remember that they are also the complicities, and they have to face the truth when their masters are gone.

May the force be with Dr Chee!


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