Dr Chee will prevail

Dear Ms Chee & Mrs Chee,

I heard the transcript by Dr Chee before he was sentenced.

I am very very sorry that all the while many of us had a very wrong idea of Dr Chee. Once again, please accept our apology, we are just only peasants but it is not too late to this emotional awakening. The general election is near and it is just about time.

All those tears and all those touching letters have already broken us down into pieces.

We, local Singaporeans should be ashamed that what Dr Chee did was a sacrifice for the nation, a real gentleman facing this tremendous wrath of evil.

Singapore without Dr Chee would be what we dare not even think about it.

I agree with the letter “Pray for Dr Chee”. Perhaps, we should make the voting process not a secret. Voters are the people who must be responsible for any irregularities of the political party they elect.

Each camp should has its data of supporters so in the future when something really bad being revealed and it is too late to salvage like the Old NKF issue , not only the party will face the music but also the supporters who support its policies and vote for them must also be seriously dealt with. In this regard, it is fair to say that we have to be responsible of who we elect.

Dr Chee will prevail.


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