We support you, Dr Chee

Dear Sir,

We are joyful to see you hugging your children again. Peasants like us living from hand to mouth could only shed tears for you and your family.

We hate those scumbags to the core for putting you through these inhumane convictions.

But one thing is for sure that we can do for you, vote for your team at the General Election. We are not bothered what situation you are in; you deserve the highest accolade in our context for the noble cause.

When we say we vote against the devils, we do not mark a cross for the devils when we go to the polls. Despicable hypocrites criticize the scumbags but they vote for the scumbags behind the curtain. These people want alternative voice at the parliament but their words are not in line with their action. They are the ones who make people like us and those do not have the opportunity to vote a collateral damage.

Dr Chee, we cannot afford to have you incarcerated again. It is not worthwhile to speak up for these thankless and ungrateful people.

These people are the ones who give mandate to the dirty devils and to them, the world is only about upgrading programmes, hankering for petty handouts and chilling out at charity shows.

These uninformed people are under the illusion of a rose garden by the house-broken mass media. The whole bloody media is hogging the news only for their masters. Please allow me the expletive expression; I call the media people filthy BASTARDS and should be fed with pigswill. Because of their highly- paid sinecure jobs, they use unscrupulous tactic to win favor for their masters at the expense of their conscience. They are not worried about retribution.

Some shameless thugs can’t even stand on their own feet have the nerve to admit that elections are about courting a girl to submission. What kind of society we are now? No wonder Juvenile delinquency and prostitution are on the rise.

Are we not looking for MEN and Women who can speak up for us and debate on policies that are malicious to the common people in the streets? The saga of building the gambling dens is a case in point, what did the men and women in white these people put them into the parliament do? Everybody is talking about speaking up, what happened in the end? It must be a joke when those novices in white recite the same mantra again.

With all due respect, the people are electing maintenance managers for their towns.

The more pressing bread and butter issues are sweep under the carpet. Other things like NKF issue, NS , foreign talent, CPF, policies, living costs , healthcare costs, education , Ministers’ humongous salaries, etc, are subjects will directly affect our livelihood are shoved aside . These are real time bombs clicking. The uninformed people are not voting for the country, they are now voting on basis of their personal interests could be the ruse or a political clout the devils are trying to gerrymander to their unfair advantage.

Dr Chee, many of your supporters write in to give you moral support. They put forth one very plausible suggestion to you that majority voters are the ones who elect leaders to lead the country; they too have the divine responsibility for the country and to those people who vote otherwise, and to those who are not given a chance to vote.

MAKING VOTING NOT A SECRET is a good idea because when the country later falls into turmoil, and the rich leaders would have gone long before, at least we have the data to fall back while we pick the pieces.

Wishing you and your family all the best, Dr Chee.


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