Chee: Thank you for your support

Dear friends and supporters,

I have had some rest and am now back at work. I feel fine after my incarceration and am even more determined to ensure that our Singapore becomes a democracy where the voice of the people are heard loudly and clearly by the Government.

Prison life is harsh. But the spirit can easily conquer this difficulty if one is clear about one’s goals and, more importantly, motives. Armed with clarity and conviction, no amount of intimidation can deter one from fighting for freedom and democracy.

The statement to the PAP must be made without equivocation: Its days of authoritarian and arbitrary rule are numbered. Times are changing and so is technology. It is harder to fool and intimidate Singaporeans the way the Government has been doing for the last four decades.

The SDP stands firm in its insistence that the rights and interests of Singaporeans come first. On this there is no compromise. The welfare and well-being of our people cannot take a back seat to the self-interest of the ruling few in the PAP.

We will continue to fight to ensure victory for our fellow citizens. Our next step is to take the PAP to task in the upcoming GE. The broken promises, the scandals, the sweet but empty rhetoric of the ministers, and the growing income disparity between the rich and the rest will all be highlighted during the campaign.

There is no doubt that economic, social, and political justice will prevail over greed, deceit, and self-serving power. I am proud to be part of a party that stands unwavering in its commitment to justice and democracy.

Many Singaporeans are becoming wiser and more wary of the PAP’s machinations. The international community is also slowly but surely learning more about the unsavoury ways of the Government. My imprisonment started an international campaign which highlighted the sad state of political affairs and the need for democracy in Singapore (see below). This attention played a significant part in the case.

We in Singapore need to work more closely with those in the international family of democracies to ensure that the PAP stops trampling on our political and civil rights, and give us back what it robbed from us.

I have never felt more assured of victory than in the past few years. This is not wishful thinking or misplaced optimism. It is a conclusion drawn from history which has shown again and again that those who seek the truth and justice will ultimately triumph.

But in order for us to realize our vision, we need to take courage and turn our thoughts and words into action – action for democracy. There is no better time than this election for you to come forth and be soldiers for democracy.

You know what we, the Singapore Democrats, stand for and you know what our vision for our beloved nation is. Cast off your fears and together let us build a truly democratic Singapore. Democracy will remain just an idea if you continue loiter in the shadows of authoritarianism.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and well-wishes during my imprisonment. They have made me stronger. May God bless you.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

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