Banning of podcast underhand PAP tactic

I read with interest CNA’s report on the ban of podcasting during GE. The last paragraphs says, and I quote, “The government’s view is that people can have diverse views, but should not hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, to manipulate public opinion”.

I just do not buy this line. Doesn’t that mean that established political parties like the SDP should be able to continue to use podcast to promote its political views since all members are known by their full name, can be found at SDP rallies and hence

therefore no longer anonymous?

This just reeks of the same underhand tactics used by MPAA and RIAA to control internet distribution since their archaic distribution methods are being increasingly displaced by the more efficient online distribution channel.

However it is I doubt the opposing parties will be able to fairly air their views due to the incumbent PAP constantly rewriting the laws (not to mention redrawing the boundaries) to suit their means.


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