If Chee cannot travel, go online

This is utterly unfair to the great patriot Chee Soon Juan. Please DO NOT give up in your fighting for the meek and rather ‘voiceless’ Singaporeans. You have more supporters then you think.

In the age of the Internet, there is NO WAY the PAP can control your online movements. How about having a video conference so that the atrocities in this country are not censored to the rest of the world?

Dr Chee, I respect you for your work and your confidence in good triumphing over evil. If you ever need a popular motto, I think you have said it well in the flim Singapore Rebel: “If I leave, the PAP wins. If the PAP wins, the people lose.”

Once again I thank Dr Chee for your good work and I wish SDP the very best in the contest for Sembawang GRC.


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