Please bring up NKF and water issue

SDP has sensationally hit the nail on the head by revisiting the NKF saga for the upcoming election which is a good national issue for the citizens to rethink what lies ahead of them. The old NKF charity impressed many familiar ministers whom had been profusely praising its impeccable management but later found to be a flaw was indeed puzzling.

The public is still bewildered about the whole relationship. It has been several months into the investigation of the fiasco and yet no true answer is publicly announced. Morons if not dimwits would understand that it was a norm to reforming old NKF aftermath and there was nothing to be proud of, in fact, it was an utter shame that the man in charge did not intervene despite many hints from the public before the news broke.

Old NKF with its huge reserves would survive on its own for a while even without any help, and to say somebody had saved the charity is not tenable.

It is even more contradicting to hear that the new NKF will fail if people stops contributing funds to this charity amidst the humongous money dangling out for town upgrading before elections.

All in all, people in all walks of life, whether they are educated or illiterate, they know that it was the contractor who dared to speak up about the golden tap to a ST reporter who surprisingly revealed the truth that saved the day, and after which, it was others just clearing up the mess.

Then out of the blue, came a standing joke of $600,000 peanuts was also surfaced that had offended the people the island over.

Many Singaporeans are expecting to see those found to have wrongdoing with the old NKF saga be punished adequately irrespective of their social standing. They want the facts surrounding the saga to be also reported in full for scrutiny.

Sir, there is another blight. The argument to build a scenic bridge or the full bridge to replace the causeway has been bugging many local people.

Though the local peasants cannot understand what is the “balance of benefits”, they will agree to the fact that moving water is a terrific cleaner, and the straits will be cleaner for both sides. What benefits could the Johor’s airspace bring to the Singaporeans in the streets?

The picture gives me the jitters that we are going in for a free-for- all if our neighbor presses ahead with their half bridge within their territory. Because of this the pipeline carrying potable water to Singapore would be affected. As usual, men and women in white did not ask the relevant questions about the scenic bridge in parliament.

41 years on, billions and billions of dollars have been exhausted to build the MRT network, build Durian, HDB flats upgrading, foreign investments, lavishing civil servants’ salaries, sprucing up defense, etc. and we still rely on our neighbor for potable water.

Drinking water is a life and death issue to the people. No potable water and we die of thirst. What can the colorful painted buildings do to help us when we are dying for potable water?

We encourage harmonious living at home; we should set an example to compromise when dealing with our neighbors for the sake of local Singaporeans’ safety. Heated exchange of words will degenerate into hurling personalities at one another which will draw a blank.

I hope SDP raises the potable-water issue during the elections and keeps the uninformed local people informed that if the government is concerned about them, based on our cutting edge technology, the island should be by now a water self sufficient country not to mention the high price we are paying for. The water issue is paramount important to our livelihood and the local people cannot be the victims of the circumstance.

Honorable Dr Chee, Sembawang constituents welcome you and your team to contest the establishment in their ward.

They remind me of one wooden saying, “fair–weather Singaporeans will run away whenever the country runs into stormy weather. I call them quitters.” Ironically, the establishment has foreign quitters playing for their side.

Many are gagging about the contest at Sembawang GRC likens to the “MALAYSIA CUP”, with one side the Singaporean team, and the Malaysian team on the other side. I will lead a local cheering team to cheer the Singaporean team on.

Thank you sirs, wish you Good luck.


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