SDP will not discuss matters with WP through PAP media

With reference to the press statement dated 12 April 2006 released by the Workers’ Party (below) regarding the electoral contest in Sembawang GRC, the SDP can confirm that it had contacted the WP for a meeting to discuss the said matter. Both parties had agreed to meet on 11 April 2006.

The SDP is of the view that the discussion on 11 April 2006 remains a private one between our parties. Our stand is that while matters are in discussion, we will not reveal them to the state-controlled media which are well-known for their biased and inaccurate reporting on the opposition.

The SDP will continue to discuss matters with WP but we will do it in private.


Singapore Democratic Party

12 April 2006

WP Press Statement

The Workers’ Party (“WP”) and Singapore Democratic Party (“SDP”) met on April 11th to discuss the expressed intention of both parties to contest Sembawang GRC.

WP has been working in Sembawang GRC through the Northern Area Committee headed by Dr Poh Lee Guan, the 1st Assistant Secretary-General. The activities included house to house visits.

SDP indicated that while they had not signified their interest to contest Sembawang GRC in the pan-opposition party meeting in March, they were now focusing their resources to contest Sembawang GRC and have mapped out an advance strategy. Specifically, they intended to make the National Kidney Foundation an election issue and would like to contest the Minister for Health.

With these insights, WP has taken an overall view of the political circumstances and has decided to scale back its election targets and give up Sembawang GRC to the SDP.

In view of WP’s interest and work in the Northern area and in particular, the Nee Soon East SMC, WP has further informed the SDP of its intention to contest Nee Soon Central SMC.

Workers’ Party
Apr 12, 2006

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