Local media waging a campaign against SDP

The reports about Mr Ling how Doong saying that Dr Chee Soon Juan should be sacked as Secretary-General of the SDP is completely untrue. The SDP stands united in this election and is determined to speak up for the people.

It looks like the media is running a campaign aimed at unfairly discrediting the SDP before the hustings can even begin. Such reportage of the SDP is not surprising. The media has consistently tried to present the worst image of the SDP because the Party has called for reform of the political system in Singapore.

The SDP’s message to voters at the Sembawang GRC and Bukit Panjang SMC is resonating and the anger of the voters at the PAP will have a significant impact on the results in these wards.

Ling How Doong


Chee Soon Juan

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