Stop harassing James Gomez

The arrest of Mr James Gomez is yet another sign of the insecurity of the ruling regime. The Government’s latest action is aimed at instilling fear in the populace and warning the people from joining and supporting the opposition.

The tragedy is that, now more than ever, Singapore needs to inspire hope and confidence – not instill fear and cynicism. A fearful society will conform, and conformity will not allow our society to discover new horizons and achieve greater heights.

In this regard, it is abundantly clear that the PAP is dragging Singapore in the wrong direction. Mr Gomez’s arrest is the latest example.

The SDP will not stand by and keep silent when an opposition politician is victimized yet again. We’ve seen too many of these cases in years past.

The Singapore Democrats call on the Government to stop its harassment of Mr Gomez immediately. Politics in Singapore must not be allowed to degenerate further.

Chee Soon Juan


Singapore Democratic Party

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