Lawyer M Ravi wants PM Lee and SM Goh as witnesses

There is a possibility that the court application by Ms Chee Siok Chin to declare GE 2006 null and void because of the tactics employed by the ruling party may be heard in chambers.

Lawyer Mr M Ravi will strenuously argue that the matter should be argued in open court and not behind closed doors as this matter is of much public interest. This being the case members of the public should have the right to witness the proceedings of the trial.

If need be, Mr Ravi informs the SDP that he will approach the Law Society for assistance to have the matter argued in open court rather than in-chambers. “I will approach the Law Society for assistance on this matter,” said Mr Ravi. “It is crucial that the matter be as transparent as possible and that the public gets to hear the arguments on both sides.”

In contention is the matter of the Progress Bonus money that was handed out just prior to polling day. Such a move by the PAP also took place in the 2001 elections where New Singapore Shares were given out and could be encashed on the eve of polling day.

Another point that will be argued is the act of using HDB upgrading as a pressure on voters to vote for the PAP. This has happened in the past few elections. The issue of banning podcasting and blogging during the election period as well as Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s statement of “fixing” the opposition and “buying” support will also be canvassed

As these issues involve PAP leaders such as Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Mr Goh Chok Tong, Mr Ravi will apply for these two men, as well as other witnesses, to give testimony and be subject to cross-examination. The dates of the hearing have yet to be fixed.