“The Party monitors itself!”

Below is a description of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published by the Epoch Times. Sound like anything you know?

Sophisticated Professional Gang

Their goal remains clear: gaining and maintaining power, and sustaining absolute control of the society.

They attach themselves to the people, controlling and manipulating them. They extend their power down to the most basic unit of society for fear of losing control. They monopolize the resources of production and extract wealth from the society.

In China, the CCP extends everywhere and controls everything, but nobody has ever seen the CCP’s accounting records, only accounting records for the state, local governments, and enterprises.

Chinese intellectuals find it so difficult to gain intellectual freedom. In addition to their administrators, there are CCP shadows lingering everywhere, doing nothing but monitoring people.

The people are the targets of the Party’s enslavement and oppression. Under the Party’s rule, the people have no rights to reject the Party. Instead, they are forced to accept the Party’s leadership and fulfill the obligation to sustain the Party.

Many party members are honest and kind, and may even be quite accomplished in their public life. These are the people the CCP likes to recruit, since their reputation and competence may be used to serve the Party. Many others, out of their desire to become an official and enjoy a higher social status, would work hard to join the Party. There are also those who chose to join the Party because they want to accomplish something in their lives and realized that under the Communist rule they could not do so unless they joined the Party. Some joined the Party because they wanted the allocation of an apartment or simply wanted a better image.

Freedoms of speech and Human Rights

It has deprived people of their freedoms of speech and of the press. It has raped people’s spirit and will in order to maintain its absolute control of power.

Under the CCP’s rule, countless people have been deprived of their rights to belief, speech, publication, assembly and legal defense. The CCP even ordered that the appeal of certain groups be considered illegal.

If the Chinese people enjoyed freedom of expression and could debate openly the merits and demerits of the CCP, we could imagine the Chinese would have long ago seen through the evil nature of the CCP and freed themselves from the influence of this evil cult. Unfortunately, the Chinese people lost their freedom of expression and thought over half a century ago with the advent of the CCP’s rule.

The Chinese people have not only been deprived of freedom of thought, they have also been indoctrinated with the teachings and culture of the Party. Thus, all that people could hear have been the praises of the Party, and their minds have been impoverished of any thought other than ideas that reinforce the CCP.

The dying CCP is apparently weakening and its control over people’s minds is loosening. With the advance of telecommunications and the Internet, the CCP is finding it difficult to control information and suppress expression.

Since entering the 21st century, the Internet has connected the world together, but the CCP has spent great sums of money in setting up network blockades to trap online liberals, because the CCP greatly fears people freely obtaining information.

From Usurping Democracy to Seizing Power to Feigning Democracy to Maintaining Despotic Rule

The CCP, that had trumpeted “popular election” and demanded “returning people’s rights to the people,” has been treating “popular suffrage” as taboo since it usurped power. The people who are supposed to be “the masters and owners of the state” have no rights whatsoever to make their own decisions.

The sinister new ploy of the CCP is to use the fake “relaxation in speech” to cover up the extent of its massive monitoring and control. The Chinese now appear to speak their minds more freely and, besides, the Internet has allowed news to travel faster. So the CCP claims that it now allows freedom of speech, and quite a number of people have fallen for this. This is a false appearance. It is not that the CCP has become benevolent; rather, the Party cannot stop social development and technological advancement. Let us look at the role the CCP is playing regarding the Internet: It is blocking websites, filtering information, monitoring chat rooms, controlling emails, and incriminating net users. CCP’s police have been equipped with high-tech devices by which they are able to monitor, from inside a patrol car, every move net users make.

The CCP is afraid that democracy would end its one-party rule, so it does not dare to give people political freedom. It acts swiftly to imprison independent liberals and civil rights activists. It does, however, give people a deviated freedom. As long as you do not care about politics and do not oppose the CCP’s leadership, you may let your desires go in any way you want.

The CCP’s dictatorial nature and its instinctive fear of losing power determine that it will not respect people’s rights. The human, material, and financial resources used to cover up its human rights record have far exceeded its efforts in the true improvement of human rights.

Making Laws and Regulations in Violation of the Chinese Constitution

Laws and regulations in violation of the constitution are passed on to law enforcement personnel at various levels as the “legal basis” to obstruct the people’s efforts to stop persecution, gain freedom, and uphold human rights.

Political Issues Are Managed with Underhanded Means

The CCP’s latest ploy for attacking pro-democracy citizens and independent-thinking intellectuals is to set up traps in order to imprison them. Such traps include false accusations of civil offenses such as prostitution and tax evasion.

“The CCP monitors itself!”

“The CCP monitors itself!” This is the slogan the CCP has used to deceive the people for decades. In earlier times it was called “self criticism,” then “self surveillance” and “self-perfecting the Party’s leadership,” and recently “self-enhancing the Party’s governing capacity.” The CCP emphasizes the super power it has for so-called “self improvement.” The CCP does not just say it, but actually takes action, like establishing “The Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee” and “the Office for Appeals” and the like. These organizations are merely pretty but useless “flower vases” that confuse and mislead the people.

It is only the excuse the CCP uses to avoid external surveillance and refuse to lift the ban on free press and free political parties. Political scoundrels use this trick to fool the people and to protect the CCP’s power and the interests of the ruling group.

Placing the Party before the country

One of the phrases the CCP often uses to intimidate people is, “the extinction of the Party and the country,” thus placing the Party before the country. The founding principle of China is: “There would be no new China without the CCP.” First the Party and then the government. It indicates that even if you are the judge, the Party will forever be positioned above the law, the country, and the people.

Under the subtle but persistent influence of the CCP’s education and propaganda, many people, Party members or not, began to confuse the Party with the country, whether they are aware of it or not.

Media Manipulation

Lies and slander published by newspapers and broadcast on television have greatly assisted the execution of the CCP’s policies in all past political movements. The Party’s command would be instantly executed by the media in the country.

When the Party wanted to set up the people’s communes, every newspaper in the nation started to praise the superiority of people’s communes.

Within the first month of the persecution of Falun Gong, all television and radio stations slandered Falun Gong repeatedly in their prime time broadcasting in order to brainwash people. Since then, Jiang has utilized all media repeatedly to fabricate and spread lies and slanders about Falun Gong. This includes the effort to incite nationwide hatred against Falun Gong by reporting false news about Falun Gong practitioners committing murder and suicide. In the past five years, no mainland Chinese newspaper or TV station has reported the truth about Falun Gong.

The CCP skillfully controls what to report, what not to report, how much to report, and whether to have Chinese media or the CCP-controlled overseas media report it.

The CCP is proficient at manipulating bad news into something that can achieve the desired result of winning people’s hearts.

Chinese people are used to the false news reports. A senior reporter of Xinhua News Agency once said, “How could you trust a Xinhua report?” People have even described Chinese news agencies as the Party’s dog. A folk song has it: “It is a dog raised by the Party, guarding the Party’s gate. It would bite anyone the Party wants it to bite, and bite however many times the Party wants it to.”

Brainwash the Whole Country and Turn It into a “Mind Prison”

The most effective weapon the CCP uses to maintain its tyrannical rule is its system of control. In a well-organized fashion, the CCP imposes a mentality of obedience on every one of its citizens. Whether the Party contradicts itself or constantly changes policies doesn’t matter, so long as it can systematically organize a way to deprive people of their naturally endowed human rights.

The Party’s ideology, way of thinking, organizations, social structure, propaganda mechanisms and administrative systems serve only its dictatorial purposes. The Party, through the systems of government, strives to control every individual’s thoughts and actions.

The Party also forces people to lose their ability to think independently, and makes them into fearful, self-protective cowards daring not to speak up. The goal of the CCP’s rule is to brainwash each of its citizens so that they think and talk like the CCP, and do what it promotes.

After 55 years of tyranny, the CCP has imprisoned the nation’s mind and enclosed it within the range allowed by the CCP. For someone to think outside this boundary is considered a crime. After repeated struggles, stupidity is praised as wisdom; being a coward is the way to survive. In a modern society with the Internet as the mainstream of information exchange, the CCP even asks its people to exercise self-discipline and not read news from outside or log onto websites with keywords like “human rights” and “democracy.”

“China would be in chaos without the Communist Party?”

“China would be in chaos without the Communist Party;” “China is so vast. Who else can lead it but the CCP?” “If China collapses, it will be a worldwide disaster, so we should help the CCP sustain its leadership.” Out of fear and self-protection, the groups constantly suppressed by the CCP oftentimes appear even more lefty than the CCP.


The characteristics of a kind leader are to make use of virtuous and capable people, be open to different opinions, promote justice and peace, and give the people what they need. This way, citizens will obey the laws, maintain a sense of decorum, live happily and work efficiently.

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