From Rodny to Tochi

Rodny Scherzer
Bussardstrasse 2
71126 Gaeufelden

August 3rd 2006

To Amara Tochi

Dear Tochi,

It is hard to find the right words to comfort you in your situation but it is really important for me to write this letter, to let you know that there are people around the world that care for you and think about you.

Your lawyer M Ravi has visited me in Germany mid of July and we have started a campaign involving German newspapers and collecting signatures for an official petition to German political leaders to challenge their Singaporean counterparts and ask for clemency for your case.

I do not want to create any false hope with you as we all know how strict, inflexible cruel and inhumane the Singaporean legal system is, but as long as there are new ways to go and further actions that can be taken, we will go these ways and we will take these actions because there is always a little hope to achieve results.

I am convinced that you are innocent of what you have been condemned for and I will try my very best to help and to support you to change something to the better and to create awareness in Germany for your case.

This week I have reserved a website under the address and I have started to get the website programmed to publish all details about your case and your life so that a lot of people can take notice and can use the site to send clemency appeals, sign petitions and so on.

The website will go live early next week. Taking Ravi as your lawyer has been a very good decision as he is not only an extremely skilled and ambitious lawyer but also is defending your case from the very bottom of his heart.

The 27th of August I will come to Singapore to join a vigil against death penalty that has been organized by Ravi as well. We will also print T-Shirts with your picture on it and distribute them to increase the awareness with the public.

I want everybody to take notice that you are not a number but a human being that deserves respect and support. So whenever you are treated badly by the prison authorities, whenever somebody is laughing about you or making fun of you, always remember that all this is not going unnoticed and that there is a big number of people all around the world who care for you and who try to support you and the number of people is increasing day by day. My wife, my 8 year old son and I myself we pray for you that you will have the strength to cope with all bad experiences that you are going through and always remember, that whatever they are doing to you day after day, they will never be able to take away what you are, your personality and your dignity and they will never be able to change the image that you have with people who care for you.

We are all fighting to force Nigeria to bring your case to the International Court of Justice because we strongly believe that in your case basic human rights have been violated and that you deserve the same attention and support that has been given to other people before such as for example the German girl Julia Bohl some years ago.

Tochi, I can assure you that no day is going by without us thinking of you and planning for new strategies to help you. Please don´t lose your faith, we are still at a point were a lot of things can be done. You are not alone!

Your friend and supporter in Germany,


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