Trial observer Albert Ho viciously attacked in Hong Kong

Albert Ho after the attack.Mr Albert Ho, who was in Singapore last week as an observer for the summary judgement hearing taken out by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Lee Hsien Loong, was viciously assaulted in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Mr Ho, a member of parliament in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council and leading lawyer in the city, was having a drink at MacDonald’s after a protest against the introduction of the GST in Hong Kong.

A few men with baseball bats pushed Mr Ho to the ground and started clubbing him. As result, the staunch defender of human rights suffered severe injuries, including a detached retina and a broken arm.

Mr Ho was admitted to the hospital during which he underwent surgery to save his eye. Even in his condition, the Hong Kong Democratic Party legislator vowed that he would continue to do what he has been doing – fighting for the people of Hong Kong.

Apart from observing the trial, Mr Albert Ho had also, whilst in Singapore last week, met with members of the Falungong. He has actively campaigned against the persecution of the faith’s practitioners.

Albert Ho (front right) protesting against the introduction of the GST in Hong KongThe Hong Kong legislator who is also the vice-chairman of his party, is an outspoken critic of the Chinese Government for not allowing Hong Kong to exercise universal suffrage.

When asked who might be responsible for the assault, his colleagues responded that they were unsure.

The Singapore Democrats condemn such violence and hopes that the perpetrators of the vicious crime are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice. We wish Mr Albert Ho a speedy recovery.

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