Empower Singaporeans Seminar Series – register now!

Following the landmark protest at Hong Lim Park during the WB-IMF Meeting, a workshop will be held on 15 October 2006, Sunday, under the Empower Singaporeans Seminar Series.

This day-long seminar is tailored for the Singaporean who yearns justice and democracy, but doesn’t know how to go about working towards it.

The seminar, starting at 9 am and ending at 6 pm, will feature lectures, interactive discussions, debates, and role-playing on topics such as human rights, the development of democracy in Asia, and a history of repression in Singapore.

Participants will also learn about the principles and practice of Nonviolence, and how it can be applied to Singapore.

The activists at the Empower Singaporeans Rally and March on 16 September will be on hand to conduct some of the seminar discussions. This is your chance to talk to them and learn how they overcame their fears.

Learn how you can break through your crippling sense of powerlessness, fear and isolation. Discover the courage trapped in your hearts and unlock the shackles that imprison your minds.

Don’t just sit by and criticize, channel your energy and ideas into constructive action. Join us at the seminar.

The seminar is open to all Singaporeans. To attend please register by sending us an email (speakup@singaporedemocrat.org). Details of the seminar will be sent to you if your registration is successful.

Please register early as places are limited.