Those of you…

Who are tired of being voiceless, second-class citizens in your own country

Who are sick of jobs for foreigners but NS for Singaporeans

Who find it a sin that he lives like that while she has to live like that

Who hate the lies and the cover-ups by the 140th

Who loathe the election system being manipulated

Who want to see justice done for those tortured and abused by the ISD

Who are desperate for our CPF savings to be returned to us

Who can’t afford medical costs and find it easier to die than to fall sick

Who demand transparency and accountability in the HDB and GIC

Who are tired of asking “How high?” every time the PAP says “Jump!”

Who refuse to be discriminated because of our views or beliefs

Who detest the lies that we are an open society where no one is oppressed

Who yearn for justice in our legal system

Who want to be treated like citizens and not serfs

Who hunger for freedom and democracy

Come, stand with us this Saturday, 16 Sept 2006, 11 am at the Speakers’ Corner

Empower yourselves and your fellow Singaporeans!

It is our one chance to tell the world the truth for that opportunity may never come again.

Be there.

(Email and SMS this message to everyone you know and make this a truly historic event.)

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