CSJ to police: If you are sincere about security, let’s talk

11 September 2006

To: Singapore Police Force

Public Affairs Department

I refer to your statement dated 10 September 2006.

You write that the rally and march for which I made an application for 16 September 2006 include “sensitive buildings” which could “disrupt and compromise [y]our security arrangements.”

If that is the case I suggest that we sit together and work out a plan that would be acceptable to both parties, that is, an itinerary that would help to alleviate your concerns about the security arrangements while at the same time allow Singaporeans to conduct the rally and march unmolested by you.

I am perfectly happy to discuss with you our route for the march and, if need be, find an alternative that could avoid these “sensitive buildings.”

What you are not allowed to do is to issue a blanket ban on the right of citizens of this country to exercise our freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly.

If you are sincere about security arrangements and not merely doing the bidding of the PAP, then let us meet and work out the details.

Chee Soon Juan

Police Statement: Chee Soon Juan distributing pamphlets at Raffles City http://www.spf.gov.sg/mic/2006/060910_distribute_phamplet.htm

In response to information from the public at about noon on Sunday 10 Sep 06, Police officers arrived at Raffles City and observed that a group of persons were in possession of stacks of pamphlets and were handing out these pamphlets to members of the public. One of these persons was identified to be Chee Soon Juan. These pamphlets urged the public to take part in an outdoor rally and stage a march on Sat 16 Sep 06 from Speaker’s Corner. The Police seized these pamphlets and investigations have been initiated.

The Police have announced and reiterated that outdoor demonstrations and processions will not be allowed during the IMF/WB Annual Meetings (S2006) period. This applies to locals and foreigners alike. Such activities can undermine the security arrangements the Police have put in place to ensure the safety and security of Singaporeans, IMF/WB delegates and visitors during the S2006 period. Chee’s application for a permit to stage his outdoor rally and march was rejected by the Police on 23 Aug and again on 28 Aug. This has been communicated to him. However, Chee has not only left his earlier posting about the application on the SDP website, but has added new postings, including one giving details of the 16 Sep rally and march and urging the public to participate in this activity.

The pamphlets distributed by Chee and others today make reference to these web postings calling for people to participate in the assembly and march on 16 Sep 06 from Speaker’s Corner towards Parliament House, Suntec City and Istana, which are sensitive buildings and could disrupt and compromise our security arrangements, particularly during the IMF/WB Annual Meetings period when we are on high alert. The Police would like to remind the public and visitors that Chee’s planned outdoor rally and march as conveyed in the pamphlet is unlawful and anyone participating in it would be committing an offence.


10 Sept 2006 @ 6.10 pm

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