Another rally planned at the Parliament House tomorrow

Empower Singaporeans
@7.30pm, 16 Sep 06

As the protesters are not allowed to proceed to the Parliament House at today’s Empower Singaporeans Rally & March, they will be holding another rally again tomorrow, but in front of the Parliament House instead of at the Speakers’ Corner.

Ms Chee Siok Chin has announced that the protesters will not be deterred or discouraged by the police’s actions today, and will gather at the Parliament House to stage a rally at 11.00 am on 17 September 2006, Sunday.

As of this hour, the protesters still remained at the Speakers’ Corner.

Singaporeans who missed out today’s rally are welcomed to attend and show your support. After all, this is about all citizens’ rights of the freedom of expression, assembly and association, and not just for the rights of these individuals involved.

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