False information of rally and march

Empower Singaporeans @ Speakers’ Corner
17 Sep 06

The PAP controlled media is engaged in a campaign of false information on the ongoing Empower Singaporeans March & Rally.

The government-owned Straits Times falsely claimed in its report today that the standoff between the police and Dr Chee Soon Juan & the activists ended ‘last night’. This is a blatant lie to mislead the readers while the standoff is still continued on at the Speakers’ Corner at Hong Lim park.

Similarly, the afternoon tabloid, The New Paper, for its part said, Dr Chee was flanked by fewer than 10 supporters. What the newspaper didn’t report was that despite police harassment, more than one hundred people showed up to support the event.

The police had turned people away at the entrance to the Speakers Corner, warned supporters to leave the Speakers Corner, took down their NRIC numbers, and even confiscated the fliers that the organiser was distributing.

The standoff was deliberately created when the police refused to allow Dr Chee and the activists to march towards the Parliament House, then to Suntec City, and ending up at the Istana, as previously planned.

Dr Chee and activists are still held up at Speakers’ Corner and the standoff with the police will only come to an end on Tuesday, 19 Sept 2006, when PM Lee Hsien Loong makes his opening address to the WB-IMF meetings.

For further information on the standoff, please continue to visit this website.

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