Latest announcement by Dr Chee Soon Juan at Speakers’ Corner

Empower Singaporeans
@11.30pm, 17 Sep 06

The team will remain at the Speakers’ Corner until Tuesday morning (19 Sept 2006).

Since the police continue to prevent us from going to the Parliament House, we are left with no choice but to remain at the Speakers’ Corner.

We will do this until PM Lee Hsien Loong gives his speech at the IMF-WB opening ceremony on Tuesday morning.

The reason we are doing this is because we wanted to speak about the following issues at the Parliament House and ask the Prime Minister to address them, but had been stopped:

1. The widening income disparity. Why the Ministers pay themselves millions of dollars while poor Singaporeans see their wages plummet, or worse, cannot find jobs.

2. The issue of Nepotism and Corruption, such as, in the Prime Minister’s own words, “buying” support and “fixing” the oppositions.

3. The serious allegations of money laundering in Singapore, including drug money from narco-traffickers in Burma and corrupt business dealings from Indonesia.