Activists tired but happy to continue campaign

Empower Singaporeans @ Speakers’ Corner
@7.00 pm, 18 Sep 06

As the third day of the standoff with the police come to an end, activists of the Empower Singaporeans Rally and March are feeling tired but are determined as ever to bring their message to Singaporeans (through the internet as the local media seems to have blacked-out the news on the protest) and the world.

The message remains that free speech and peaceful assembly are crucial for the future and wellbeing of Singaporeans. Without these freedom, the people cannot protect and promote their economic rights.

The activists will end the standoff tomorrow, 19 September 2006, after PM Lee Hsien Loong gives his opening address at the WB-IMF meeting in the morning.

The activists will respond Mr Lee’s speech at 12.30pm at the Speakers’ Corner, and will thereafter disperse.

Supporters and friends have been making their way down to the Speakers’ Corner to support and encourage the activists in their campaign for democracy in Singapore.

The team has been campaigning in the rain and sun. They sleep on the pavement at the junction of North Canal Rd and South Bridge Rd under the watchful eye of the Kreta Ayer neighborhood police post.

Their spirits are high and they are already looking forward to stepping up their campaign for democracy and human rights in Singapore.

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